We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA & consultancy services.


Using IT is crucial as an enabler for success and growth, and if you choose us, you’ll get to work alongside our expert team who can advise, consult, deliver, manage and support you.

IT Strategy and Planning Services

We help build a vision of the initiatives needed to align your IT capability with your business goals, along with a clear understanding of the recommended timeframe, sequence, and estimated cost of the improvements.

Business Processes and Cost Optimization

Our IT consultants leverage their expertise to help find hidden inefficiencies in the business, analyze your spending, review your technology usage, and offer you a partnership that will optimize your business processes and IT costs.

Resource Augmentation

Wenawa proactive approach ensures that organizations remain agile and adaptable in a rapidly evolving business landscape, enabling them to not only meet current needs but also position themselves for future success. Whether it's through hiring additional talent, investing in advanced technology.

Application modernization

it's crucial to perform a comprehensive analysis of the current cost of ownership for your applications. This involves assessing expenses related to infrastructure, maintenance, support, and licensing.

Program and Project Management

Wenawa has the resources and technology needed to help your organization execute projects successfully and guarantee a high return on your technology spending.

IT Support

Wenawa support tickets serve as a structured system for employees and users to report issues, seek help, or request technical services. When a ticket is raised, it typically contains vital information such as the nature of the problem, its urgency, and contact details of the requester.

Partnering with Wenawa for your IT Consultancy offers you the following advantages

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